TRINITY. [guest post: D. Marwick]

The First Cause is a Trinity: no more, no less.

Most of us have been exposed to an image of “God” as a stern old man with flowing white hair and beard, sitting in a flash chair in the clouds, presumably tone deaf because of all the naked babies blaring trumpets all around.

How terribly difficult it is to create a visual image to represent an incomprehensible “Isness”. Who can draw a picture of I AM WHO AM? Sure, there are pictures representing God the creator, God the Redeemer, God the Judge…. and all that, still incomprehensible to the worldly-wise who assume that “God” is ‘becoming’ according to their fancies.

I start from pure logic: “A thing that does not exist cannot cause itself to exist”: and its corollary “an effect cannot be greater than its cause(s)”. Things (like you and I) obviously exist and we cannot cause ourselves. The Sun and all the stars do not cause themselves; indeed, they would not be stars if they weren’t dissipating themselves by pumping prodigious amounts of matter and energy into cold Space.

Everything that is changing or is changeable that exists must have an anterior cause that is greater than itself……… except the Uncaused First Cause. Anything else is logically absurd and scientifically impossible according to all the relevant Laws of Nature.

As we well know from bitter experience in the cruel physical world entropy runs the show. Every physical ‘happening’ dissipates energy and order.

For example:
The best (most succinct and precise) definition (description) of entropy is as it occurs in the “Second Law of Thermodynamics”; “All ordered systems, left to themselves, tend toward maximum randomness and lowest energy (potential or differential)”. That means that order naturally tends to degenerate into randomness (disorder) and energy potential tends to dissipate into a uniformity without potential because there’s nowhere of lower potential left to go to…

Because energy must be dissipated in the establishment and maintenance, or sustaining, of an orderly system some con men with an ideology to sell will try to pretend that the energy consumed in the process creates the order. A sly mental trick.

Let’s propose some practical examples to illustrate the process.

Most mothers like to have an orderly home. Order in her home requires:
1. An intellect to conceive the order.
2. The will to want the order.
3. The capacity, or power, to implement or bring about the order.

Now, that poor Mum who has been toiling away for years to install and maintain the order suddenly finds herself confronted by a clever-dick progeny who’s been to school and learned that energy spontaneously creates order. Smarty tries to convince Mum that letting off a bomb (great release of energy) in the middle of her expertly managed domain, will spontaneously create order and she’ll never have to tidy up again. Good luck with that one Smarty.

Or let’s lift great weights to great heights. An intellect comes up with an idea of a crane to do the job. Skilled minds and hands divert energy and materials to make the machine using entropy in every step of the process. Smarty, with the benefit of his recently acquired great insights, comes along and proclaims that –  because the energy to build and operate the crane comes, ultimately, from the Sun then –  the Sun built the crane. Now, I just happen to know for sure that Central Australia gets lots and lots of solar energy but not one giant crane has ever spontaneously appeared in the desert.

“Oh well”, counters Smarty, “that only applies to non-biological systems. Energy applied to biological systems creates an increase in order and complexity opposed to entropy”. Smarty has never heard of the “Law of Morphology” (which is really only entropy applied to biological systems) which says, simply, that “the more complex an organism and the more often it is reproduced, the more likely it is that something will go wrong in the process”.

So, the thousands of generations of drosophila (fruit flies) that have been subjected to every imaginable radiation ‘stimulus’ to produce ‘sped up’ ‘evolution’ have only ever produced some wreckage of their DNA or genome… not one super-human spaceman.

Ultimately, untold thousands of generations of diligent and wise housekeeping Mums are in tune with reality… the Smarties are not.

Order is a product of Intellect, Will, and Life.

So whence come this Life, Intellect and Will? We all know from simple observation that all these metaphysical ‘things’ or ‘stuff’ exist because we all have them and they order dumb physics and chemistry into live bodies, magnificent corals and cathedrals… none of which can create itself out of nothing.

Enter the Uncaused First Cause… that is, the ultimate cause of everything but Himself. He must be eternal because (by definition) He has no cause. He must be unchangeable because there’s nothing “big” enough to cause a change. He must be infinite because, outside, or beyond Him and His Work there is no more of anything.

This great Power (Life) must also be the great Intellect because “things” are carefully crafted to “work” as they do, and He must be the great Will because without the “I want it” there is no action, or result.

Most of us have some “idea” of who and what we are and, for most of us (diabolical narcissists excepted), our “idea” of ourselves bears some resemblance to the “fact” of self.

The infinite Being with the infinite Intellect, however, has an “idea” of Himself that is precisely what He is… no glitch or error. Everything the same. The Second Person; distinct but inseparably integral.
The First Person knows exactly Who He is and that knowledge is the Second Person, or “the Word” as sometimes called in Scripture.

So God “knows” the absolute perfection of everything which is Himself… and He loves that perfection that is the very definition of “goodness”. The greatest act of love is the gift of self. We see it in very muted form here on Earth with the gift of self in spouses and parents, and patriots. A gift must have a receiver of the gift and the receiver must be able to accept the gift. The First Person gifts Himself as does the Second Person and that gift of self to each other with no reservations or glitches or blips is precisely God in every sense. The Third Person.

There can be no more and there can be no less.

Any “God” that is not a Trinity, that is, the “God” of Jews and Muslims is a Satan pretending to be God. There is no possibility that a Supreme Being could not know and love goodness.

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Now, dear reader, that you have fallen for the clickbait headline, let me say that it is quite true, mostly.

For 40 years Catholic priests were not permitted entry to Australia from settlement in 1778 until 1820 when Frs. Therry and Conolly arrived. Let me qualify this.

A Catholic priest, Fr. Dixon, had come to the country around 1802, but he came as a convict having been sentenced for collusion in the Irish rebellion. He did eventually become a freeman and said a public mass. The Governor relented too in 1817 by allowing a Fr. O’Flynn into the country; alas, he was sent packing after a year. Finally, in 1820, 42 years after the First Landing, the first two permanent priests were permitted entry. Thus, for almost half a century tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of left-footers suffered religious persecution. “Persecution” is not too strong-a-word since the practice of that brand of faith centred around the Sacraments which only priests could perform.

Why was it so?

THUMBNAIL VERSION: Simply, the Micks in England and Ireland had been suppressed ever since Fat Henry; and Cromwell had done a job on killing off lots of Micks in the fair isle. Those feisty Irish though wouldn’t go down without kicking up a stink and priests were viewed as leaders or potential leaders of rebellions and sedition. Moreover, they were viewed as loyalists to the Vatican before they would give loyalty to the Crown. To be sure, to be sure, they would surely cause trouble in the new colony.

PERSONAL ASIDE: Cromwell’s genocide necessitated Irish ancestors, such as my own, to adopt the survival measure of having half the family convert to protestantism while the other half remained Catholic. From ancestral enquiries, this occurred in both my and my wife’s family – although my ancestors were Irish gentry, while hers were Scottish criminals deported to the Great Southern Prison [earning their title as Australian Royalty]. As both sets of ancestors wound up in Van Diemen’s Land [Tasmania], they were deprived of the ability to practice their faith fully, having their offspring baptised, married or buried by a Methodist minister, of which there was just one in them there wilds of Northern Tassie.  It is a matter of record that through the descendency the true faith returned to this amalgam of allegiances; none ever took up arms against the colonial gummint, while plenty of them fought – and plenty died – in both World Wars.

The first Christian Brothers – Bodkin, Lynch and Tracey – didn’t arrive until 1868 to offer Catholic education to young men, 90 years after settlement. They founded CBC Parade in Melbourne, my alma mater.

But the persecution was not quite over. Enter Archbishop Mannix [Melbourne, 1913-1963].

Manic Mannix was a fly in the Gummint ointment throughout, mainly due to his conflicting views of conscription. At one point, due to return to Ireland for a vacation, he was advised that his return would be refused re-entry, – so he didn’t go. In true Irish spirit he found a way to present the Gummint with a middle-finger salute. St. Patrick’s Day Parade was Melbourne’s biggest public event by far and was usually led by the Arch in an open car – as per the picture above. On said occasion, to show the great civic powers that it was He who had the support of the soldiery, not them, his vehicle was preceded by a dozen VC winners on white chargers – again, as this picture shows. That was tellin’ ’em!

There we have it. No Great March on the Sydney Harbour for a Reconcilliation with the Micks. No apology for the suppression and persecution of one religion. No compensation or reverse discrimination. No special benefits. No Sorry Day.

No – we descendants would not even think of it. Demeaning. Perish the thought. FECK OFF THEN AND LET’S GET ON WITH LIFE.


A Bird Blog.

I HEADED off for work, three steps from my front door, and felt a strange sensation on my hip. Without looking down I brushed at it. All I felt were feathers. It was a Rainbow Lorikeet which had silently flown from behind me and latched onto my belt.

Bright vivid colors of Rainbow Lorikeets birds native to Australia

I became very fond of him even though he became a demanding pest. Every day for over a year he would appear at some stage, perch on my shoulder, and defy efforts to dislodge him. Some relief came in the form of a mate which avoided me religiously, but still my friend would fly into my  unit, drink whatever I was drinking and not leave until it was ready.

Fussy? Fussy is not the word when it came to food. Initially he gnawed at whatever I was eating, which prompted me to buy him – and later them – some black sunflower seeds which they loved. One day I bought the grey seeds which were a little cheaper. Nope. Wouldn’t touch them. And if looks could kill!

When, as a pair, they flew about the suburb to check out houses for fruit, they would whistle to me as they passed overhead. I know it was directed at me because they mimicked my particular feeble whistle which I had used to originally call them. Eventually they teamed up with a flock which picked my neighbour’s palm tree to nest in. The neighbour objected and put fly-wire around his tree, leaving many eggs within that were just hatching. What a sad time it was to see the lorikeet families trying to get to their chicks. Worse, magpies, ravens and others attacked the wire to get to the hatchlings. A sad end to that episode.


AT LEAST a year before, a family of 15 Mudlarks made friends with me. I think I would have to call them my favorite bird.

Magpie-lark (Grallina cyanoleuca)

I live in Western Australia but in the Eastern States they call this species ‘pee wee’s. The relationship began as it usually does – tentative curiosity, then a building trust. Then food.

I lived opposite a large park bordered by Norfolk Island Pines which was home to several species. Our relationship was of a nature that when I pulled up at home after my workday, no matter the time, the mudlark flock would descend around me with several “designated” scouts tapping my head as they flew past me to wait for me in the back yard. Many would comfortably eat from my hand but there were others which seemed to demand that I throw food in the air so that they could show off their acrobatic skills. Too, I lived adjacent to the ocean in the Perth suburb of City Beach, and that meant many birds of all types were appearing with legs tangled in fishing line. One or two allowed me to free them of the line – except for one fellow who had lost a leg. The mudlarks have the quirk of hanging about amongst magpies which tolerate them as inferior cousins. Males and females are easy to tell apart and there seemed little pecking order according to sex. They seemed pleased to bring their chicks around as though proud of them. The reason that they all disappeared one season remains a mystery


MAGPIES HERE are slightly different to the Eastern Magpie.


Early morning I would be woken by their melodic song. Magpies are unique in having a double larynx which enables them to sing two tunes at once.

They too would come into my yard regularly, but while some fed from my hand, they were not as personable as other species. Apparently they have a repertoire of 400 face-recognitions. When notorious attacks happen, we locals were never bothered when walking through the park, but beachgoers certainly got attacked since they were unfamiliar to the maggies. They certainly brought up their chicks rough – chicks were pushed aside when food was around and often pecked.


TWO PAIRS of doves hung around me.

Love Doves

One pair was of African origin and the other pair were Indian. Reportedly, this species of  birds had been imported by the Perth Zoo, but were set free in the 1950’s. Since they were not prolific breeders they never became pests. They were quite shy but eventually two fed from my hand. Both breeds were a flat brown color and hard to tell apart. But Fight!! My goodness, they gave the lie to being a bird of peace. My only bird funeral was one of the doves.


NOBODY COULD dislike Fantails.

Grey fantail Rhipidura albiscapa

They are the bravest of tiny things and were always around. Not personable, but not intimidated either.

I once had to chase a Dugite [snake] from my back gate and down the side path to the park across the road. Actually, I did less chasing than my wagtail friend who gave that metre-long snake a very hard time.

I have to claim a unique experience concerning wagtails – and possibly a world record [which conveniently cannot be corroberated]. It is said that they never keep their tail still for more than around 25 seconds [a world record according to the books]. Well, I once had occasion to sit in a park in Busselton to wait for someone. I spied a Willy Wagtail but 2 metres away, intent on the ground ahead of him – obviously detecting the presence of a sub-terainean insect. Noticing its tail was still, I began counting. I reached 110 seconds before his tail moved. There!… only world record.


CROWS?…..We don’t have them. Our “crows” are technically  Ravens.

Common Ravens

Pests in a way, but admirable for their intelligence. They were always around, but never became personable – nearly but not quite. They are said to be the only species of birds which deliberately recreate, as in R&R. They do, but I’ve seen other breeds enjoy play time.

Their squark is annoying. They are intimidated by other smaller birds [mainly wagtails and lorikeets] and they robbed my fig tree every season.


BUTCHER BIRDS are wonderful.

Butcher Bird

They came close but never too close; they are always just too busy finding food. They are such devoted parents I used to watch in awe as they trained their young. They are the robbers I discovered which used to rip out the hairy stuff from my hanging baskets. Their most notable feature though, for me, was their song. Just exquisite. [Apparently they gained the name because they tended to hang their prey in a tree before consuming]. Too they are sleek and masters of flight.


FINALLY………. A SPECTACULAR INCIDENT: and it involved nearly all the breeds above.

One hot morning, my back yard was a veritable bird park. The Lorikeets were at my feet. Some mudlarks were waiting for me, perched on a chair. Several magpies were on the lawn trying to eat but were getting annoyed by a crow trying to steal their food – he had one eye out for the lorikeets since they do not take kindly to other breeds. A  lone dove was perched well away on the roof gutter, watching and waiting for everyone to leave. High summer is the time for birds of prey. I have no picture here, as I don’t know what sort of bird it was that I saw far, far up in the sky, hovering as eagles, hawks, falcons and others do. It may have been a sea eagle, being white. Suddenly it dived. Really, it came from such a height and at such speed, vertically down, that I thought it was a Kamikaze suicide. It headed straight for the crow and there seemed no possibility , at that speed, of pulling out. But it did, totally defying the huge G forces. It clipped the crow nicely and veered at right angles just inches from the ground, missing my shed by a whisker. The most amazing thing was its targeting of the crow – not for the kill, but as though the crow was an annoyance, and it had nothing better to do.


There were many other species, both in my yard regularly and in the park: kookaburras, ibis, Carnaby cockatoos, galahs and of course the ubiquitous sea gulls. Since I moved house, I have not yet made many avian friends. I do miss those I left behind.


What the Hack is going on?

This video was sent to me for information and comment. The salient first half has to do with Gummint surveillance and subversive tactics. Watch it or not I have a few brief comments.


Every one of us is subject to being monitored, hacked, traced or tapped. Gummints everywhere employ super computers to track us and listen in or read our posts and blogs and phone calls. This ought not be a shock, but I’ll come to that.

Should we speak or type on the electronic airwaves such terms as: Jihad, Attack, Bomb, Cell, Terror, and so on, then we may be investigated because none of us is immune to being tracked or listened to. There again, we probably won’t. Why? ….because these terms are too obvious and only an idiot or naive would-be terrorist would use such terms. What Intel Agencies now look for are buzzwords or keywords and phrases. Such phrases might be: “Ali took 4 wickets for 11, with his googly”. While this appears to be an innocent comment about a cricket event, when it or similar is repeated too often without relevance to an actual cricket match then it will come under notice. Why? Because the phrase may well mean: “Meet Majid at 11:04pm to collect a bomb”. It is code, and a super computer will detect the code, raise a red flag, and an analyst will look at it and recommend action, or not. But what does all this have to do with the video or the topic? Let me tell you.

Just after WWII the US formed an Intel Alliance with Canada, UK, Australia and NZ to tap into any private communication they targeted. These though were the days of Morse Code, Short Wave, Snail Mail and Telephones operated on a plug-in switchboard. Espionage was rife in those days of the cold war and consisted of HUMINT [intel gained by human interaction], and COMMINT or SIGINT [communication or signals intel]. Why include Australia and NZ? Well, firstly because they were in the Southern hemisphere and needed for satellite operation and, secondly, because Communism was gaining a foothold there and this threatened the Pacific Rim of America’s Western defense measures.

This alliance and operation became known as ECHELON and was quite secret. It also transgressed the laws of privacy, but since it was covert that didn’t matter. That is, until it did become known and POTUS Bush had to admit to the project’s transgression and so laws were put in place. As if that mattered……..counties care nothing about laws when it comes to security and self-protection. The Australian vehicles were Pine Gap and Exmouth satellite installations where comms were tracked. In the US the CIA operated in Langley and other locales and in England the GCHQ ran the show.

The digital age ushered in a whole new set of systems of satellites and technology. Project ECHELON morphed into project PRISM with dozens of smaller sats. placed further out in space with amazing capabilities for listening and photographing as well as being vehicles for hacking anything they targeted. It was PRISM that was exposed by Edward Snowden and the world went: “Gasp”. I was non-plussed personally because I knew about it and took it for granted that it was known as I had already researched this for……..well, I just had.

PRISM blatantly uses IP’s, Telcos and providers like Yahoo, Google, Facebook etc. Articles presently published which speculate on censorship and spying by these commonly used providers are largely distractions. While you may not be being spied on, that is irrelevant because you are forever open to being spied on if you are in the proximity of any electronic device. This is not conspiracy theory – it’s just the way things are. We live with it and I cannot see that it can be brought under control. Agencies like the NSA, ASIO, GCHQ etc. simply operate as they wish and largely are only compliant with Gummint in appearance only. Hence, the Deep State.

Therefore, this is why America must be supported as a free democracy and Republic. Russia, China and India are catching up with SIGINT but America is pre-eminent. The implications of the US becoming a dictatorship or Islamic or Communist is dreadful beyond imagination in regards to the freedoms that we take for granted. I say this as one who has severely criticized US foreign policy of late.

Now, I have given this subject a cursory treatment, but there is absolutely no reason for Joe or Jane Average to be unaware of the chicanery that is indicated in the video, and this is because the information is easily obtainable. For the average person even the suspect cyclopedia of Wikipedia is sufficient. Simply search for ECHELON and PRISM, which gives quite good info on the Laws, Agencies and locations of tracking devices.

We can accept this or go live on a deserted island with no phone. We would be right to use security measures to obviate other citizens from spying on us, but we won’t stop the Gummint and its somewhat renegade or black ops agencies. We can only hope we have the right Gummints in power. Electronic spying is so sophisticated now that even encrypted comms can be captured before encryption or decoded later. Take the failed revolution in Turkey – within a week, Erdogan had detained 50,000 citizens. That means he already had files on them, gained probably via such spying. Every time there is a so-called lone wolf terrorist attack we read that a handful of associates have been rounded up – how do you think the authorities know about them. In Australia, the AFP has 400 on a “watch list”, [not that they are actually watched] – how do you think such people are under suspicion?

Is it possible to obliterate Big Brother?

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Meet Shen Narayanasamy, Human Rights CEO at Get Up. Shen has made this video criticizing Senator Pauline Hanson’s [Australian Parliament] rhetoric and policy against Muslim immigration and calls for debate and a Royal Commission on the issue.

Shen does not critique Hanson’s stance; rather she indulges in an ad hominem attack via the implication of the ‘damages’ that Hanson is responsible for. Her presentation can be summarized thus:

  • when Hanson is on TV you don’t feel safe
  •  she opens the door to bullying at school
  •  invites racial discrimination in the workplace
  •  incites violence on the streets
  •  Muslim women will be put in danger on the streets
  •  she is a Liberal [Party] Right tool for divisive debate
  •  indulges in rhetoric that is hurtful and dangerous
  •  is racist [by virtue that Shen calls for leaders who will stand up to racism.] .   …..

Without addressing each of her accusations, suffice to say this is quite typical of the Snowflake tactic of self-projection – indulge in the rhetoric of the one you accuse. No, Shen, Hanson’s call for a debate and her argument to support her platform has supportive weight by virtue of Islamic terrorism, gang thuggery, no-go zones, non-assimilation, human rights abuses against women and so on. These are what you should be refuting, not indulging in scare tactics of your own. The Conquest mentality of various Australian Islamic groups should be questioned by you if you really care about the promulgation of Quranic hatred, rather than insult the multitude of populist voters who are concerned about the repurcussions of unfettered Muslim migration.

Aussies by and large, right or left, appreciate where the Senator  [love her or loathe her] is coming from; and the motivation of simplistic racism can be easily refuted. But what about Shen? What is her angle?

Shen is an attractive 35 year old lawyer into multiculti; of immigrant Hindu Tamil parents; has two young children by her partner, Robbie Russo; and has become the prominent face of refugee advocacy and defender of children’s rights. All admiral stuff, and I particularly like her colorful Indian garb of sari and turban-like head-dress……. and I have no issue that her cultural appearance is Northern Indian rather than Tamil Nadu based. I don’t care if this is an affectation or a xenophilic trait. She can wear what she likes in my book [so long as she is prepared to shake my hand and reveal her face]. But I do care that she is using fear tactics and emotive argument. I do care that she forgoes reason, logic and argument. I do care that she promotes open borders that endanger our ultimate freedom of  movement and speech. I do care that she uses hyperbole to the point of lying when she argues immigration statistics.

I also care, with great concern, that she has come out in support of the Gaby Baby program and presumably other like programs instituted by the Cultural Marxists which are an abuse of our children.

So, anyway, perhaps the most salient question is: Who is Shen’s boss?

That would be George Soros!… perhaps by proxy, but Doctor Evil it is nonetheless, as he funds Get Up which is instituted to carry out the Soros Agenda of the destruction of Western society and National Sovereignty. [He funds too the refugee hijra crisis in Europe, the Black Lives Matter movement, and so on].

This opinion piece is not digressing into a Soros thesis, so I will leave readers who may not be familiar with this ideologue a link giving his plans from his own mouth. [Have the smelling salts close by]…….



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What’s Old Is Not New Again.

Commenting on my short O.P. of exactly two years ago. First: The Original……

BOUQETS:  Yes,to a Greens MP, Dickie DiNatale who went to West Africa to inspect efforts to fight ebola. Very brave,…Bon Natale, Dick, if you don’t mind the word-play and my poor Italian. [Sorry to hear that you came back]..

To Pope Frank for postulating that pets can go to heaven. [Good, but what next? Gays? Bikies? Bank managers? And what about my pet venus fly trap?] .                                                                                To Facebook for giving consideration to a “dislike” button. [Better idea: a hate button…or damn disgraceful….revolting…cancel-this-post…really boring button?] Just saying!

BRICKBATS: To ISIS for beheading four Christian children for not converting.                                   To Waleed Aly for leaving ABC shows that nobody watches and joining The Project to bore us to death on that. [not me, I won’t be watching].                                                                                             To THE MONTHLY rag for claiming that there is no such beast as the political LEFT, only the RIGHT, which is always wrong. Confused? Me too, but the rag does have some very funny sardonic articles [ if you are of the Left….which doesn’t exist].                                                                             To the Pope for letting pet snakes into heaven…


Not a lot.

Dick H. Natali is even moreso as the new Bwana of the Green Jungle Dwellers who have become increasingly feral and gone “native” from such a long stint in that verdant environment of solar panels and wind turbines. [But Dick H. conquered Ebola single-handedly in that time].

Pope Frank? Well, he has been a little too frank with his throw-away lines in these two years. That’s all down to his pastoral zeal to get all souls to Heaven, along with their pets, including adulterers, non-Christians, Islamic terrorists and Barak Obama.

Facebook read my blog and now have multiple response buttons for those who never caught on to written language.

ISIS is still going strong and doing its best to deal with the world’s overpopulation problem. It has convinced most of the World’s Leaders that, while their tools of trade are a little primitive, their principles are as culturally valid as any other philosophy coming, as they do, from a profound desire for peace based on the saintly life of Mohammed.

Finally: Wally Aly. The Wally did eventually take up the reins at the Project, except on those nights following a terrorist attack. He has become the Shepherd of the “Flock For Love, Peace & Joy”, the Voice of Snowflakes & Pollyannas who block their ears whenever reality is discussed, fearing they will be triggered. He is their proxy voice. And he plays the guitar.

Oh, and the rag called “The Monthly”? I can’t even recall it now. Apparently I have moved on intellectually to those fine disseminators of truth: The Guardian, Huff Post, Matilda, SMH, The Conversation and all such rags that do such a fine job of refuting such ideals as absolute truths, grace, beauty, tradition, sovereignty, Divinity and other quaint ideas that are anathema to ‘progress’.




I’ve done some farm work over the years but helping out on my friend David’s farm was a religious lesson. David was one of those rarities who saw all activities as spiritual – sometimes annoyingly so, sometimes amusingly.

Having got his mob into a pen, he would announce: “Now my girls, it’s time to enter through the narrow gate,” making one of his oft quoted biblical references. Should one of the ewes breach his flimsy fencing, he warned: “And if any of you jump out I’ll be sending Angel [the Kelpie] after you.” He saw the fences as the ‘Law of the Lord,’ and should any be tempted by the thought of freedom – a false notion – he would send ‘Angel’ to round them up.

Crotching was the worst; both for me and for the lambs. Lifting sheep onto the machine was back-breaking and the blood and pained bleating was unpleasant. David as always was philosophical and explained the obvious: that pain is necessary to save them from the agonizing death that comes with being fly-blown, “Just as the Good Lord allows us all to experience pain, that we may become purified and stronger.” For me, pain was something I could happily go without.

But, what does this have to do with Halloween….. the ‘Holy Eve’, the celebration of the holy ones who have passed on and reside in the Presence of their Father, after whom we often say: “Hallowed be Thy Name”?

At the end of that day of crotching, friend or not, I knew David would offer some bartered-system recompense, which was a system that many in my circle used. I was expecting payment in the form of a bag of lupins or wheat for that was common, or else some feed for my own goats and chickens. That day he announced – even though it was not October 31 – that: “It’s Halloween, mate. Tomorrow I’ll be sending one of the ‘girls’ off to Sheep Heaven. Come by next Thursday and I’ll have a juicy leg and a forequarter for you.”

November is the month given over to remembering the Saints and to seeking their intercession for many of life’s circumstances. John’s Book of Revelation, for one, is replete with the Saints who, in their earthly life, obeyed the call of The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who guided them to life eternal.

They cried out in a loud voice:

“Salvation comes from our God, who is seated on the throne,
and from the Lamb.”

Coming Home