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Going through some anguish many years ago I went on a private retreat at a convent in the tiny town of Dardanup W.A.

In the chapel was a painting of Mary, the mother of Jesus, looking through a window at the vacant crosses on Golgotha upon one of which her son had been crucified.

My meditation thus was on the three who had stood forlornly watching their beloved suffer until he expired: His Mother, John the beloved disciple and Mary probably of Magdela. The rest of His band of Apostles had not attended – deserted by His closest friends. I knew the feeling.

But my feelings were as nothing compared to those three nor to the desolation that Jesus must have felt. Amid His suffering, the Messianic Lamb could find the strength to counsel the thief on a nearby crucifix, to forgive those who were doing this to Him and finally, to anoint His mother as the Mother of His Flock in the person of John: “Mother, behold your son”.

The singular person with the dual Natures – Divine and human, became our Savior. Yet, my focus was the thoughts and emotions of the desolate threesome whom He loved so much and they in return.

I sketched a facsimile of that picture and penned these words applicable to each of them:

Photo0310 (2)

[From the Anthology: Verse and Worse. Pubished & printed by Emily Zimerle, 2013]



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What’s Old Is Not New Again.

Commenting on my short O.P. of exactly two years ago. First: The Original……

BOUQETS:  Yes,to a Greens MP, Dickie DiNatale who went to West Africa to inspect efforts to fight ebola. Very brave,…Bon Natale, Dick, if you don’t mind the word-play and my poor Italian. [Sorry to hear that you came back]..

To Pope Frank for postulating that pets can go to heaven. [Good, but what next? Gays? Bikies? Bank managers? And what about my pet venus fly trap?] .                                                                                To Facebook for giving consideration to a “dislike” button. [Better idea: a hate button…or damn disgraceful….revolting…cancel-this-post…really boring button?] Just saying!

BRICKBATS: To ISIS for beheading four Christian children for not converting.                                   To Waleed Aly for leaving ABC shows that nobody watches and joining The Project to bore us to death on that. [not me, I won’t be watching].                                                                                             To THE MONTHLY rag for claiming that there is no such beast as the political LEFT, only the RIGHT, which is always wrong. Confused? Me too, but the rag does have some very funny sardonic articles [ if you are of the Left….which doesn’t exist].                                                                             To the Pope for letting pet snakes into heaven…


Not a lot.

Dick H. Natali is even moreso as the new Bwana of the Green Jungle Dwellers who have become increasingly feral and gone “native” from such a long stint in that verdant environment of solar panels and wind turbines. [But Dick H. conquered Ebola single-handedly in that time].

Pope Frank? Well, he has been a little too frank with his throw-away lines in these two years. That’s all down to his pastoral zeal to get all souls to Heaven, along with their pets, including adulterers, non-Christians, Islamic terrorists and Barak Obama.

Facebook read my blog and now have multiple response buttons for those who never caught on to written language.

ISIS is still going strong and doing its best to deal with the world’s overpopulation problem. It has convinced most of the World’s Leaders that, while their tools of trade are a little primitive, their principles are as culturally valid as any other philosophy coming, as they do, from a profound desire for peace based on the saintly life of Mohammed.

Finally: Wally Aly. The Wally did eventually take up the reins at the Project, except on those nights following a terrorist attack. He has become the Shepherd of the “Flock For Love, Peace & Joy”, the Voice of Snowflakes & Pollyannas who block their ears whenever reality is discussed, fearing they will be triggered. He is their proxy voice. And he plays the guitar.

Oh, and the rag called “The Monthly”? I can’t even recall it now. Apparently I have moved on intellectually to those fine disseminators of truth: The Guardian, Huff Post, Matilda, SMH, The Conversation and all such rags that do such a fine job of refuting such ideals as absolute truths, grace, beauty, tradition, sovereignty, Divinity and other quaint ideas that are anathema to ‘progress’.


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The White Hellmutts.

A regular viewer of Al Jazz, BBC Global, ABC24, SBSnews will have seen ubiquitous coverage of those “brave” men in white helmets pulling survivors from bombing-induced rubble in Aleppo. My antenna picked up a faecal signal and I said earnestly and quietly to myself “Hmm”, or something very close to that. Determined to allay my suspicions that this was suspicious, I managed to plant a bug under the PM’s desk when I was last there for petit fours [ although there were actually three of us in attendance]. Here is the conversation I later recovered after attending No.10 for even pettier deux:

PM:  Look at the polls Humphrey, we’re sunk. The plebians have rattled to our role in supporting Assad’s opposition as well as those Daesh-bag terrorists. That infernal attack on the Syrian Army was supposed to look like a mistake. Then there are all the civilian casualties. Well Sir Humphrey, how do we redeem our pristine image with dead kiddies on the news every night?

SH:  Not to worry PM, they don’t vote now do they? But leave it with me, I’ll hand our image problem to some rather rum chaps at a nifty public relations firm.

PM:  Surely not those idiots that handled our Brexit case?

SH: Good Lord no!  They were behind the Irish Gay Marriage campaign.

Two Days Pass:

SH:  All arranged PM. Our PR  fellows are going to manufacture some heroes while, at the same time, make Vlad and Assad look bad. I say, rather a good bit of rhym….

PM:  Yes, yes, poetic indeed. How did that work out when we tried to blame them for the bombing of aid lorries?

SH:  Forget that PM. These fellows propose that we second a few hundred volunteers to make a display of rescuing survivors from the Russian bombings. Make them stand out for the world to see by issuing them with white helmets. Embed the best photo journalists. I’ll have a little talk to the BBC Chief about his tenure.

PM:  But surely the locals are doing that already? And how do you organize volunteers out of that rabble of camel fu… ah, drivers? Organized as Italian parliament those people.

SH:  Money PM. And none of our business if they’re filmed rehearsing the extraction of a pregnant mother buried under concrete for a week, what?

PM:  But wouldn’t she die without water after so long? I mean….

SH:  A hypothetical PM. We’ll make it two days just for you. And the White Helmets could deliver her baby afterward. What a scene!  Pups. We could have some puppies…..

PM: What Humphrey! Ridiculous. The woman delivering pups. Nobody will fall for that.

SH:  No, no I meant…. Oh, it doesn’t matter.

PM:  You know, it just might work Humphrey old boy. That will be the second brilliant idea I’ve had this week. One thing though Humphrey – there won’t be any terrorists among them I hope.

SH:  Pay no mind to that PM. Even if one or two slipped under our guard, those chaps all look the same; the public will never be attentive enough to match a beheader’s picture to the same man in a white helmet. Never happen, PM.