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Meet Shen Narayanasamy, Human Rights CEO at Get Up. Shen has made this video criticizing Senator Pauline Hanson’s [Australian Parliament] rhetoric and policy against Muslim immigration and calls for debate and a Royal Commission on the issue.

Shen does not critique Hanson’s stance; rather she indulges in an ad hominem attack via the implication of the ‘damages’ that Hanson is responsible for. Her presentation can be summarized thus:

  • when Hanson is on TV you don’t feel safe
  •  she opens the door to bullying at school
  •  invites racial discrimination in the workplace
  •  incites violence on the streets
  •  Muslim women will be put in danger on the streets
  •  she is a Liberal [Party] Right tool for divisive debate
  •  indulges in rhetoric that is hurtful and dangerous
  •  is racist [by virtue that Shen calls for leaders who will stand up to racism.] .   …..

Without addressing each of her accusations, suffice to say this is quite typical of the Snowflake tactic of self-projection – indulge in the rhetoric of the one you accuse. No, Shen, Hanson’s call for a debate and her argument to support her platform has supportive weight by virtue of Islamic terrorism, gang thuggery, no-go zones, non-assimilation, human rights abuses against women and so on. These are what you should be refuting, not indulging in scare tactics of your own. The Conquest mentality of various Australian Islamic groups should be questioned by you if you really care about the promulgation of Quranic hatred, rather than insult the multitude of populist voters who are concerned about the repurcussions of unfettered Muslim migration.

Aussies by and large, right or left, appreciate where the Senator  [love her or loathe her] is coming from; and the motivation of simplistic racism can be easily refuted. But what about Shen? What is her angle?

Shen is an attractive 35 year old lawyer into multiculti; of immigrant Hindu Tamil parents; has two young children by her partner, Robbie Russo; and has become the prominent face of refugee advocacy and defender of children’s rights. All admiral stuff, and I particularly like her colorful Indian garb of sari and turban-like head-dress……. and I have no issue that her cultural appearance is Northern Indian rather than Tamil Nadu based. I don’t care if this is an affectation or a xenophilic trait. She can wear what she likes in my book [so long as she is prepared to shake my hand and reveal her face]. But I do care that she is using fear tactics and emotive argument. I do care that she forgoes reason, logic and argument. I do care that she promotes open borders that endanger our ultimate freedom of  movement and speech. I do care that she uses hyperbole to the point of lying when she argues immigration statistics.

I also care, with great concern, that she has come out in support of the Gaby Baby program and presumably other like programs instituted by the Cultural Marxists which are an abuse of our children.

So, anyway, perhaps the most salient question is: Who is Shen’s boss?

That would be George Soros!… perhaps by proxy, but Doctor Evil it is nonetheless, as he funds Get Up which is instituted to carry out the Soros Agenda of the destruction of Western society and National Sovereignty. [He funds too the refugee hijra crisis in Europe, the Black Lives Matter movement, and so on].

This opinion piece is not digressing into a Soros thesis, so I will leave readers who may not be familiar with this ideologue a link giving his plans from his own mouth. [Have the smelling salts close by]…….




2 thoughts on “THE XENOPHILE

  1. It is an oddity that such lefties do not see the contradiction between their demand for diversity and their condemnation of ‘divisiveness’. They talk of ‘ethnic communities’ while the very notion is divisive. There is no desire mentioned about ‘Unity’ as Australians.

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  2. Quite so. Thank you Amfortas.
    Some self-hatred evident with xenophiles and disdain of White Christian culture, which is a misunderstanding of Christianity. Nature only tolerates diversity under strict conditions and lefties could learn from it.


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