I have been in the habit of posting a ‘Sunday Devotional’ to facebook for my friends, via ‘Fellowship of The Minds’ blog but it now comes in too late for Australian consumption. Instead, I humbly submit an excerpt from that facility from Fb known as “Here are your memories from 1 year ago”.

Following its posting I was asked: “If you believe this, why do you write hatefully about Muslims?” The answer is of course that I do not hate Muslims or any others, but I do criticize the Islamic ideology which promotes the hatred and persecution of non-muslims and demeaning of women:… the general versus the specific.


Whether we believe in a Creator or if we are atheist, there is one reality…..all of us are the same species – human – and all of us walk on the one earth, and breathe the same air. Beneath our various skin colors, our size, our gender, our looks and our beliefs we all share a heart, brain and other bits. And we all share the very same fate of death.

Life is our greatest gift whether accidental or gifted in love. Our next greatest gift is free will and the future of US is determined by how we will to live. This is why the greatest sin is to deny another’s free will….by taking their life or unjustly treating the other. The starving mother and baby in the desert of Ethiopia has little free will as all her efforts are spent on finding food and water. Thus, the greatest virtue is charity [ agape ], which is bringing ourselves and others to wholeness and goodness [holiness ], whether that be in our family, as an ascetic monk or as a politician.

When Jesus’ followers told him that his family was outside the house waiting to see him he said: “Who is my mother, who are my brothers and sisters?”

PRAYER: [Responsorial Psalm; 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time]

I will praise your name for ever, my King and my God.


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