*hit’s Hit The Fan and the free world leader’s fate is in the balance.

The overnight news of a new email release and a re-opening of the FBI investigation into Hillary has seen mass panic and scurrying of prominent persons to positions of moral high-ground before heads roll. If Hillary’s head rolls, a lot of others are on the chopping block and that’s the way it’s looking.

The first to run for cover is FBI Director Comey. He knows his first investigation resulting in a recommendation of no charges against Hillary will result in his “hanging” in the court of public opinion, if not in a real court, especially if Trump wins. At the very least he will become known in posterity as the worst ever Director, more scandalous than the cross-dressing Hoover. He has taken the unprecedented step of advising Congress that a new investigation is underway. His Assistant Director has pushed against him for more truth [so guess who thinks he has a chance at the top job?]. I’ve intimated on Fb posts previously that FBI underlings were furious with Comey, so he was facing a shaming and a revolt from those Agents who actually worked hard for their country with honorable motives.

Then there are the Rallies-for-Clinton cancellations. Obama has cancelled. The VP candidate Tim Kaine just cancelled his own rally [a big disappointment to his ten fans, I’m sure].

And there are those in power positions who have taken The Fifth recently when put under the microscope. The latest is Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, and general corrupt Clinton Puppet.

And the latest emails?  If 33,000 unsecure emails and 20 releases of Podesta emails couldn’t do the job, then what the heck can a few more do? In my view and my colleagues’ [the team at “Speak Freely” facebook community], it probably doesn’t matter! Why? Because the damage done is obvious and if Trump wins there could be a lot of Hillarians headed for ruination or jail – so now they need to recover their postion. Then again, there may well be something in them, or even something newly-invented to justify the Comey position. This new release comes apparently from Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of Huma Abedin and ex-Congressman who is a sexual degenerate and likes to send pics of his own weener to young women. If Weiner has volunteered this release maybe this is porn-revenge of a whole new kind, taken to nark his wife Huma. Huma is Hillary’s closest staffer and possibly the Muslim Botherhood’s best ally in the White House – apart from Obama that is.

Hillary’s use of a private server for official emails, while treasonous, was originally thought to be done out of naivety. Not so. This was done because private emails could be erased [and their transmitters smashed – as she tried to do]. Emails sent through Govt. servers could not be obliterated. Forget who hacked what – Wikileaks, Guccifer, Russia, China, – heck, they all do it. Blame here is but a smoke-screen. Anyway, nobody needs emails to know that the media is an organ of the Democrats, that Bill is a lying sex predator, or that the Clinton Foundation is a rort par excellence….. but proof helps.

The Clinton Foundation was formed with the same rationale as the private server. And that is so that Foreign Donations could be received for Hillary’s expanding bank account and for her Campaign. Such petrodollars could not be donated to Hillary’s campaign directly, especially from the Saudis, so they are covertly received as donations to the Foundation. By way of example, the millions donated for Haiti relief only managed to build a few homes, and the Haitians are furious and legal action is pending. Let’s not touch on the implications for Obama, the 1.7 billion ransom paid to Iran, the nuclear enabling for Iran, the Benghazi fracas, libya, the funding and enabling of ISIS, the open-border and migration policy etc. etc. These are all in the “pay-to-play” basket that may well be followed up by a Trump POTUS.

In conclusion, a Clinton reign will begin the demise of America as the world’s powerhouse and it will quickly go the way of all past powers. The repercussions for its allies is speculative and will depend on the relationships with the new powers of Russia, China, the U.N. and even the Caliphate. And yet, nobody can predict if a Trump reign will prolong the existence of a “free-world” bloc, especially considering that America’s moral, political and social decline appears irreversible. We can only hope.


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