The Dalai Lama: “Once you are involved in violence you are no longer a genuine muslim”, and goes on to tell us that Islam teaches peace, tolerance, etc. etc.

It is inconceivable that the man is so ignorant of the Koran which IS Islam, with its many exhortations to violence and intolerance. No need to list hem here. This is his oblique way of pointing out that most muslims are peaceful, but such muslims do not follow their doctrine, just as many self-confessed Catholics disobey reproductive doctrine. Clearly  Islam teaches violence so why is this man lying?

Fabrications will not set us free, will not solve the problems that Islam causes. Obfuscation and cover-ups will exacerbate the problems. And the Koran cannot be abandoned, nor can it be altered. Why has this respected holy man lied?

He joins the Pope and political leaders in this great lie. Why do they do it?

There are indications that the Dalai Lama is a CIA asset. Is he following their agenda? [I have no proof of this connection but the implications can be researched]. Is the lie an enabling tactic for Islam’s path into the new World Religion?

I have no answers to even postulate, but this clip is  a convolution of efforts toward peace and reconciliation. I find it devastating, while it is fodder only for utopians and those who utter soundbytes about love and peace.





  1. The Dalai Lama is a phony. The Tibetan monks have a history of child sexual abuse and exploitation of Tibetans that surpasses even the Catholic Church. When the current Lama was chosen as a child, his family became notorious throughout Tibet for confiscating people’s property and bullying people. He’s a stooge for the international oligarchy.

    As a Christian, I see all globalism as a Satanic programme. Atheists will scoff at such an idea, that’s ok. Why are the globalists so pro-Islam then?

    The way leftist SJW’s kowtow to him must make him chuckle into his Dom Perignon.


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