NAMNOW.Sick to death of the BS !! The Goodes Affair…or….How “they” tried to put one over all Australians: Who are THEY? ….tell you in a moment, but THEY clearly ignored logic and reason, and further took footy fans for fools. And I for one have had a gutfull. Consider this: Forty thousand Eagles’ fans booed Adam [unseemly & excessive maybe], and THEY held them all up as racist. What rot! Logical ? Then next week 40,000 fans supported Adam with signs and slogans and cheers. So, how can THEY logically claim fans are racist? Utter contradictory rubbish. There would also have been several hundred Aboriginal Eagle fans in the booing crowd….were they racist too? Not logical. There are 70 Aboriginal players in the AFL….by THEIR logic, these 70 should be booed every game. They’re not, you dickheads. By THEIR logic, white players are never booed or rarely booed. Crap again. Are dark-skinned or Muslim players or Greek players or Fijians or whatever singled out for abuse or booing? No you morons, but they should be if we are racist. So, why did the fans boo Adam ??… This is why, you Cretins: Fans boo any player who either [1] tends to engage the crowd [2] intentionally stirs the crowd [3] makes the game about himself, his ego, his politics or his personal agenda [4] hits, pinches, bites or kicks one of “our” players, especially if its behind the play [5] simply annoys us e.g., Ballyntine and Crowley [6] is up himself, e.g. Warrick Capper [7] is a champion e.g. Goodes, Hird, Carey, Dunstall, Hodge, [8] betrays “our” team e.g. Judd, Cooney, Cousins, Ablett…or in fact for any other reason that we fans decide arbitrarily, if and when we feel like it. Understand this you morons: Aussie Rules is a SUB-culture within our society and we will not be modified or manipulated by YOU ignoramuses who don’t comprehend that WE fans ARE the game !! Not the players, not the AFL and not the media commentators [of whom over 600 make their living from our game]. No fans – no game, got it? And if we want to boo, we will and YOU can piss off. This game is tribal. We vent our spleens and are excessively emotional. But guess what? YOU clowns… we don’t set off flares, have brawls or riots, chuck missiles at players or umpires or run through the burbs smashing shop windows as they do in other sports. Your bullshit has infected right through to the games’ officials – take just the latest bit of tripe from the Cats’ coach, Chris Scott saying:”In future there will be no excuse for booing Adam Goodes” What arrogance ! We will boo who we bloodywell please. Piss off Scott, you are not the boss of us…we pay your wages, idiot. And so, who are THEY ?? THEY are the agents of social change, the self-appointed social engineers who insist we live according to their ideology and agenda. How do they manipulate us? By laying us with GUILT. e.g. don’t boo indigenous players because we shot them a hundred years ago. You arseholes are both progressives or conservatives gone mad…the types who pass the Vlad anti-association laws, those who screetch and preach at us about “climate denial” blah, blah. [And dozens of other things} YOU mangey lot have met your match and I have one thing left to say to YOU lot…… FUCK OFF !!!

Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes says it is good to be back on deck following time off prompted by persistent booing by crowds.
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  • John Namnik On second thoughts, I might do a further post and say what I really think!
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  • John Namnik And yeah, I’d like to single out those wankers who continually “bag” the shit out of Australia and our culture and sub-culture like our great game. People like Waleed Ali [like he would understand the culture of AFL], Peter Fitzsimons [the Marxist], PrSee More
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  • John Namnik
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