Catholic Ireland voted 2 to 1 in favour of SS [same sex] marriage. How did it come to that?

That it could be a backlash against the Church is not out of the question. Partly a slap in the face to an institution that has been infiltrated by the Prince Of Lies, infecting scores of clergy with paedophilia, many of whom were exported to Australia and the U.S.

Too, as often the best-funded lobby group wins the hearts of voters, the YES vote group was funded to the tune of $17mil. by a U.S. mob called The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Then there are the usual suspects who for decades have tried to dismantle social and religious institutions such as the family. I have been following such moves for 38 years. [To go into this is off-topic, but think of Marx and Engels, 1850].Why? Because there are some ideologies that require weakening allegiance to faith and family in order to capture the assent  of the proletariat.

Finally, there is the secular libertarian influence, the voice of which has been getting louder since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s: its the voice of those who simply don’t want to be condemned for deviant behaviour, don’t want restrictions on their choice of pleasure and whatsmore actively campaign for recognition and legal status: the narcissists, the value-free, the irreligious, those who follow the doctrine of Relativism, [a subject for another day – moral relativism – the greatest and latest enemy of Christianity].

The catch-cry of the LGBT lobby rang true with a fickle, ignorant, brain-washed, weak masses of my ancestors’ homeland. The cry pitched on several levels: we’re behind other countries, we really love each other, stop the discrimination, we deserve equal rights, we have a right to have children, get with the times, and so on.

I don’t intend to dismantle the SS case at length. Briefly, the “times” ought not be the criterion for legislation. Re discrimination, refer my immediately previous post. The law requiring children to attend school until 15 years old discriminates: the law excluding older people from wearing seat-belts likewise. The Marriage Amendment Act 2004 says: “Marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.” The discrimination inherent here goes to the protection of an institution that is beneficial for society’s structure. Equal Rights? For some time SS couples cohabiting have had all the rights and benefits of de facto hetero couples. Children? Plenty of SS couples already have children via surrogacy, artificial insemination, ivf etc.

Then there’s love. Not something I would dispute. But this is the problem area. Neither the Church nor the State has any interest in whether or not couples love each other as a pre-requisite for marriage. Should this element enter into it there is a real danger that throuples [threesome] will sue for marriage, even that incest ought be legitimized through marriage. This is not alarmist…. a man in the U.S. recently married his adopted son!

SS marriage brings several negative consequences, but again, I won’t be lengthy. Several cake and bakery businesses in U.S. have folded because the HRC has fined them so heavily for refusing to bake or decorate cakes for SS weddings. That merely is the law because the State has a duty to protect ALL marriages against unjust damaging discrimination.

The pre-eminent objection to SS marriage is the depriving of children from both a mother and a father. This is countered by the illogical argument that many families [hetero] are deserted by one parent and/or many families have bad parents. Too, we are told that there is no evidence that kids in SS families are negatively affected any more than those in hetero families. This is not so. [Refer, Prof D.P.Sullins study: “Emotional Problems Among Children With Same-Sex Parents: Difference by Definition.” as published in the British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioral Science, Feb.2015.] Such kids had more than twice the problems in all categories than kids in trad. families. Common sense tells us that kids should have both mother and father.

Now, as per my promise on Fbook, here is a factor that I haven’t heard aired or seen in written musings.

Church marriages are recognized as valid by the State. The Catholic Church has elevated marriage to a Sacrament before God and the Community [the Church] and can only be dissolved by death or anulment. Divorce is not recognized by this Church. Furthermore the Catholic Church DOES NOT recognize marriages out of that Church. Therefore, SS marriages will hardly impinge on the Church. That said, SSmarriage will have an effect on society as a whole, that includes Catholics as individuals and families.

The U.S. Centre for Disease Control claims that just 0.15% are born with 47 chromosomes rather than 46, and that just 1.6% of adults identify as homosexual, so a tiny minority is out to change the tried and true model of marriage. I have not addressed homosexuality per se here, but may do in a subsequent post as it is important to counter the claim that the LGBT folk have no choice since they are born that way. This is immediately refuted by the study of twins… they ought have the same sexual orientation so how can one claim to be born one way and differ from his/her sibling?

Your views would assist my investigations into this area.


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