Discrimination is the choice made between two or more objects actions or beliefs.

Both humans and animals discriminate many many times each day.

Discrimination based on correct choices keeps us healthy, safe, more content and keeps us alive.

From minor discrimination such as choosing between tea or coffee to drink right now; the route we choose to get to a destination; what to wear; right up to such choices as where to live, to smoke or not, to flee or stay and defend: our discrimination determines our quality of life and whether we live a short life or a long life.

The Oxford dictionary, and society itself, concedes that just the very term “discrimination” can be negative, but it is not automatically so. Discrimination is vital to our existence.

Nowadays, the term has been hijacked by the ignorant pretenders of self-righteousness to brow-beat us by virtue of laying guilt on us if we fit the label of “discriminatory.” Their rationale… I discriminate, therefore I am immoral.

Today the term needs to be qualified: is it amoral? natural? reasonable? or fair? before we judge or are judged.


The term “prejudice” derives from the root ‘pre-judicial’, i.e. to judge before all facts are known. The term [or the accusation], deserves its negative connotation, but not always. Why? Because it is rare that all facts can be known about any matter or subject.

“Bias” is related and again this is not something to feel guilt about. E.G. I am a Christian therefore prejudiced because I cannot base this chosen belief on provable facts [exactly the atheists’ criticism]. I follow a particular football team, thus I am biased because facts are not applicable to my chosen “likes”.


“Racism” is defined in Macquarie Dictionary: The belief that human races have special and different characteristics which determine their particular cultures. That makes me a racist. No guilt required…until that belief claims that my race is superior to others per se. Likewise, sexism claims that genders are different … guilt required until that belief claims that one gender is superior.

So what?

The lesson here is to be aware that those with an agenda of social engineering and manipulation to their ideology will use, twist and bend terms to force our assent by guilt.

This was said of George Orwell….

As a writer, Orwell believed the corruption of language for propaganda purposes was the ultimate threat to our civil liberty. While propaganda normally contains an unequivocal message that our political leaders want to promote, in a totalitarian state this does not go far enough to win hearts and minds. Consequently, as in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, there is an attempt to control our thoughts as well. In his last novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, a disturbing dystopia set in the future, part of the totalitarian mechanism for managing the media is the invention of a new language, Newspeak, designed to simplify the language and make the ideology of the ruling party indisputable. More sinister, however, is the way the totalitarian state endows new meaning to words so that its ideological aims can transcend the truth. The intention is clear: to remove the vocabulary of dissent, making it impossible to challenge the Party and discover the truth.



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