The PM used the term in relation to how some indigenous folk choose to live and where. BIG fuss! Can’t see why, seeing as 80% choose not to live in remote communities, and to claim that those in remote remote communities have no ‘choice’ is to say that they are not free and incapable of self-determination. Still, every time Abbott opens his mouth – whether its to eat an onion, skoll a beer or use a dumb phrase like “Team Australia”, packs of green blob will jump down it.

Anyway, an Aboriginal chap calling himself ‘Murrumu’, [ex SBS presenter], has seceded “his” land and sea around Cairns from Australia. He is no longer an Aussie, has his own system for motor vehicle registration, runs his own school and, while OZ officials are not recognizing his claim, Murrumu has had serious chats with the Russians. Well there’s only a few thousand square K’s of land and ocean involved – more than Prince Leonard’s principality North of Geraldton. To get to the salient point, according to ABS NEWS, 15.4.15, Murrumu said: “If you want to be part of our life it is a lifestyle choice, a REAL LIFESTYLE CHOICE!”

Good luck to you Muz, but that must leave a lot of Abbott-haters feeling like RAW PRAWNS.


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