RAW PRAWN: Which Premier is it?

W.A.’s Colin Barnett had a fair old gripe at recent COAG talking-heads meet, that the state is due to receive only 29cents in the dollar next year from GST revenue. Vic’s Daniel Andrews blew him off rather scathingly. Andrews, in the run up to Vic. elections said his Labor boys wouldn’t proceed with the Libs. promise to build the East-West Link: ‘And it won’t cost the State anything.’ They wouldn’t have to pay compo for breaking the contract because “its not worth the paper its written on!” He won the election.

Guess what? It will now cost them $640 million for the cancelled contract. NO $billions worth of infrastrucure, NO 10,000 or so new jobs. Don’t worry Premier, the GST ripped off from W.A. will help you out, you RAW PRAWN!


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