Remote communities & Remote Control

Do you wonder why there’s been a lack of hype and hubbub about withdrawal of funds resulting in the closure of some Aboriginal communities? Its become clear. The W.A. Police Commish has spilt the beans in the papers and on radio. The situation in many communities is dire, one of depravity and child abuse, at a level that would never be accepted in sophisticated society. But neither the govt.  nor law enforcers are in a position to stop it. Enter the Fed. govt. They can’t afford another INTERVENTION so, withdraw funding to force the occupants into a regional centre where services have a chance to address the problems. Dirty pool !, but strategic. Pollies are not heartless, and so have come up with this convoluted plan to save women and children while at the same time, save money.

The situation in some communities is beyond belief. No reasonable human being can stand by and let it continue. This withdrawal of funds may look like ‘ducks & drakes’, but servicing these places is just not possible. Is there another alternative? When the Premier of W.A., Colin Barnett tied the abuse of children to withdrawal of funding, it seemed like a fake rationale. Sure it was gauche, but now the madness of the method is clearer. What CAN one do to stop the depravity, the bashing of women and the sexual exploitation of little innocents? The Aboriginal “Industry” can bleat all it wants, but its those leaders of said industry who should be solving this disgrace. Aboriginal culture is a National Treasure. There is no more noble person than the [sober], Aborigine, and nothing as innocent and joyful as Aboriginal children. The depraved and licentious males of this once honorable culture have to be stopped. Again, we whites and the our authorities will shoulder the blame, but it is of no matter if the innocents find some protection.


2 thoughts on “Remote communities & Remote Control

  1. John Namnik, its statements like these that concern me greatly and I challenge you on your views! On what information are you basing your recommendations! Have you seen with your own eyes the picture you are portraying here? I strongly doubt it! I agree there is child abuse and domestic violence in remote communities. However no more than there is right in our regional communities and cities! The intervention was so wrong on all accounts and was based on so many lies. It was all so racist and discriminatory! How dare they ban alcohol and pornography in these communities, while allowing it to go on everywhere else! How dare they demand health checks on the children and bring in the army – where else has this happened in Australia? I was living in remote communities during the intervention, I saw with my own eyes what happened and then what was portrayed in the media. And what came out of the intervention? What Aboriginal pedophiles were convicted? Not one! Yet we see many government officials and white people of supposedly good standing convicted of pedophilia nearly every day! What about our clubs and pubs and strip joints and what happens in them? What about how our children are celebrating graduation from highschool, ie the infamous schoolies week? Where’s the public outcry for the way our western society lives? What about cleaning up our own backyards instead of pointing the fingers where they don’t belong. The government produced the problems in remote communities and the government certainly can’t fix it. To say withdrawing funds to get people in regional centres to help them is absurd! How, by displacing them from their homes is this going to help them? Its statements like yours that further degrades Aboriginal people. To state that displacing them from their homes, to draw them further into white society is the answer is wrong. Im not saying drunkeness and abuse is right, what i am saying is that if its wrong for one, then its wrong for everyone. We pick on what is going on in our remote communities, yet turn a blind eye to what is going on right next door in our suburbs. Your statement of Aboriginal’s “bleating” is also offensive – Aboriginal have a voice and should stand up more for what is right – they are not ‘bleaters’, a word that is used for animals! You can stand up for the government if you want, but if you do this, then you will not be standing for the truth. The truth is that the government has done wrong by Aboriginal people ever since first coming to this country, they continually pour money into communities for the wrong reasons and then say it isn’t working. Governments and western society generally refuse to listen and work with Aboriginal people. What we fail to realise is that these people are perfectly capable of looking after themselves! They don’t need our intervention, they need our support to live their way. And the only reason they need our support is because we took away their way of living in the first place, and we did it by force! Aboriginal people have been FORCED to do things for far too long and its statements like yours that further their plight! Shame on you John Namnik.


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