Remote communities & Remote Control

john namnik

Do you wonder why there’s been a lack of hype and hubbub about withdrawal of funds resulting in the closure of some Aboriginal communities? Its become clear. The W.A. Police Commish has spilt the beans in the papers and on radio. The situation in many communities is dire, one of depravity and child abuse, at a level that would never be accepted in sophisticated society. But neither the govt.  nor law enforcers are in a position to stop it. Enter the Fed. govt. They can’t afford another INTERVENTION so, withdraw funding to force the occupants into a regional centre where services have a chance to address the problems. Dirty pool !, but strategic. Pollies are not heartless, and so have come up with this convoluted plan to save women and children while at the same time, save money.

The situation in some communities is beyond belief. No reasonable human being…

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