bureaucratic waste in indigenous communities …

This is an old post I am interested in the latest developments in the light of the recent claim “communities will be shut down….we will be driven off our land.” My immediate comment in reply to a post today on facebook.


Some of the beautiful scenery at Balgo, with the community in the background

…Little surprise to me with this latest report.

Remote funding ‘spent on officials’
A SCATHING government report says much of remote indigenous communities funding is wasted on bureaucracy.

…When visiting the remote community of Balgo last year, 300km south of Halls Creek in the East Kimberley, a local official described the waste. Over $400,000 per local indigenous resident was spent in this community’s affairs, while the indigenous inhabitants remain stuck in an environment of poverty, alcohol and abusive behaviour. Often the ‘bureaucracy’ would visit by air, jump off the plane, drive around town for a few minutes, then depart, with locals being none the wiser about a reason for the visit. In a twin engine aircraft no less because of the ‘remoteness’.

This bureaucratic nonsense continues to this day.

Pictured is some beautiful scenery at Balgo:


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