climate change


If science can show conclusively that the earth has had dozens of 100,000 yr cycles, and many more, say, 40 yr cycles, then its reasonable to predict where we are at present. Ethical, orthodox and true science has as its first criteria – FACTS, i.e. evidence. Those “scientists” in the warming, alarmist camp are toying with predictive science METHOD, many call junk science. We learn from the first day of our science course what true science is: Aim, Tools, Method, Conclusion. And that must be followed by variants in similar experiments and above all repeated experiments to see if the same conclusion is reached. Peer review? Well, that may be useful but not obligatory. After all, who peer reviewed Keplar, Tesla, Einstein et al? In fact, Einstein’s theory of Relativity is called a theory because it cannot be put to the test. The Evolution theory of Darwin is a theory because the proof is missing of mans’ previous species, [and no, we did not evolve from Neanderthals]. The warmist scientists rely solely on computer MODELLING! Is it not reasonable, even for the layman, to question how this is good science? Consider this: climate is influenced by scores of factors and elements, how can they be predicted accurately? Ask any year 9 science student: What, in order, are the greatest influences on planet earth. He/she will tell you: the sun, then the moon, then the planets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In 1954 I was 8 yrs old. Even so young, I still remember the sadness felt at the death of a National Treasure that was Inigo Jones. ” Now we’ll never know what the weather will be like next Christmas”, was a common exclamation. You see, Jones was legendary for his long-range forecasts as a meteorologist. How could he and his colleague, Clement Wragge, get forecasting so spot-on? They did it by observing sunspots! Our current lot wouldn’t lower themselves, nor would they leave their computers…….methinks they might even do well to open a darn window and check the horizon! So, it is well known and has been for scores of years that the sun is a main driver of our climate. Now I ask this: how can computer modellers know what the sun is going to do tomorrow or in two years or at anytime in the future? I ask too, how can they know what the cloud coverage will be next week? I have a dozen of these questions regarding the scores of influences on climate. Do they know that Krakatoa is going to erupt next week? Still, I’m just a simple layman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And those melting polar caps? If you want the truth, then please look up the real evidence, not the junk-science. I reiterate, climate change and warming are part of our world, but the situation is not something to be alarmed about and the predictions of the warmists are not factual. Consider this fact…..the average Australian temperature is 20degC, [exactly the same as the town of Geraldton]. This average is the mean between temps. of around -5 to +45 degC. Really, just how bad will an extra degree or even two degrees be? Take say St Petersberg that probably ranges  between -40 and +30 deg. I daresay they would welcome the increase.  And what of animal life and flora? A program on Discovery channel recently showed how plants and particularly coral will thrive if we are slightly warmer, but I guess it depends which show you watch. I doubt that Tim or Al would invest in waterside homes if they really believed their own hype. NEXT: The Price!


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