climate change


A vital element in our Stepford Scool of Science course is the use of the modern 24hr. news cycle, which is really a 24.millisecond cycle…..instant. Only 30 years ago Perth TV viewers would have to wait for a video tape of floods in Townsville to be put on a plane, flown here, edited then screened in a future bulletin. By then the effect was lost. Now the news is live and consequently highly emotive. Certainly today, every major flood, fire, drought, tsunami and storm comes at us live and full of impact. Moreover such events, we are told with certitude are due to CC. No doubt about it and any contrary view can only be directed at the inanimate TV set. Our 6 yr.olds won’t be arguing with their teachers either. And when we get hit in the purse, we will either have to pay up or be locked up. Let me cite cases in point.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               When researching for a novel I was writing 6 years ago, I read The Chronicles of Australia, covering major events from 1795 on. Now lets say your news anchor announced [with pics], that the Hawksbury flooded to 8metres above the banks. Thousands lost their farms, never to return….just see what CC can do! A few years later a violent storm devastated Sydney, demolishing Govt. House. Some years later, again a violent electrical storm struck the city and a bolt of lightning flashed through the Premier’s window and fried the chair he had been sitting on. Later on, temps in Victoria hit 46deg.C and fires tore through town and country, killing 285 on this day forever called Black Thursday. With accompanying vid and a spiel on CC we would be convinced that fatal global warming was upon us, In truth, the above events happened between 1795 and 1820, except for the fire in 1820. I recorded 70 such maelstroms, but won’t list them here. In 1889, Clocurry recorded 53degC with violent storms. In 1867, Townsville was wiped out. And that Brisbane flood of 2010?…. it suffered worse in 1893 with 11 dead. In 1897, Hobart, the temp. reached 149degF [however this had to be a misprint]. Tsunamis in Oz?….in 1938, 3 waves of 35ft. killed 5 at Bondi, 200 were rescued. The fire we have just had in our South-West burnt 100,000 hec. sure, but Dwellingup was razed to the ground in 1961. The point of all this is to be skeptical when the warmists and the media attribute CC to catastrophes. I ask again, who sets this agenda, and why?                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Why was our recent fire able to spread so far and wide? The obvious answer is because defensive burn-offs were not done, but why not? There is a section of the community that wields voting power. Govts. don’t want to upset the eco-factions [which is why we don’t have nuclear power]. But just see the horrendous destructioun of the green belt and the death of tens of thousands of animals. Let me quote the former NASA scientist, founder of GAIA environmental movement and former head-honcho of Greenpeace, who said that,” {The theories of the modern Green movement]…are meaningless drivel”. And, “I am not worried about sea-level rises… worst I think it will be 2 feet per century.” Further, “……[the Green movement]….is a religion… taking over from the Christian religion. The Greens use guilt….” All from James Lovelock!


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