climate change


Why this alarm about the climate? Where is this push coming from? One could accuse the proponents of getting cashed up, but they have a contrary argument in accusing the skeptics of being in the pockets of oil and coal companies. I don’t believe either view, while there certainly is a case to complain that the oil and coal conglomerates simply don’t pay enough tax. [Check out Glencorp’s or Shell’s or Caltex’s tax payments]. But I digress. For me, I am only in the pocket of the aged-pension dept. of Centrelink. That is my only income, few assets, no property or super or investments, so I am completely independent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       But let me tell you about the world champion of the alarmist movement, Al Gore, quite apart that scientists find around 20 scientific fallacies in his “Inconvenient Truth”. Al owned a TV network which he sold to Al Jazeera for several $squillion, which itself exists on fossil-fuel funding. Then, on the West Coast of U.S. he acquired a mansion on 1.5 ac. with 9 bathrooms, fountains, pool etc. I have nought against wealth, but he resides in a high energy house on land that he forewarns will be washed away by rising oceans. Strange…or maybe not!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And too, let me mention Australia’s very own champion, Prof. Tim Flannery, Oz of the Year, 2007. Tim, similarly to Al, lives right on the coast of NSW, and can only be reached by boat…….again, a place that he predicts will be subject to the adversity of rising seas. Tim is a palaeontologist and mammalogist. His major work, for which he is acclaimed world-wide, is the study of kangaroos of Australasia. But somehow he is now a renowned climate scientist! Again from my mental notes, [can’t be bothered googling his predictions], I recall that he said we Western Australians would soon desert Perth as we would be out of water by? 2020? He was riding a dry spell then as we had water restrictions, but today, 2015, our second de-sal plant is shut down. Oh, there are another 3 or 4 around the country that have been de-commissioned! Additionally, he had Brisbanites heading for the hills as they too would go dry.. Was it just two or three years later that the streets of Brisbane became rivers? Remember his 4 TV shows. “Two Men in a Tinnie” saw him motoring down the Murray River, [surely he rowed all the way?], backing up his expertise was the comedian, John Doyle, ever-ready to fill in any gaps in Tim’s scientific acumen. The show emphasized that the Murray was virtually done for. Ho-hum, same thing, few years later the Murray became a raging torrent. But Tim can’t be labelled a Greenie. Tim accused the pre-European Aboriginals of an indiscriminate scorched earth way of life. And then this: we all should be eating whale meat, yep, kill the whales. His logic?…..this would save the earth which is being denuded by food-growing. Prof. Tim was the Chief Commissioner of the RGR baby, the Climate Commission.  When the Libs came to power, PM Abbott sacked Tim from his 3-day per week posting with accompanying salary of $385,000. Ever resourceful, he reformed as the Climate Council gaining a quick $mil. in private donations. I want to avoid ad hominem attacks, but its important to know who our mind-controllers are.


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