climate change


It gets on my goat when the public is taken for a mob of gullible fools. For example, the vision that is shown along with a news item about AGW, of huge funnels emitting water vapour: we are expected to exclaim,”OMG, just look at all that horrible smoke and CO2!” It’s not smoke. Even when the media does show a smoke stack, we are meant to be horrified by all that CO2.  Carbon dioxide is invisible and odourless. Yesterday, I was reading a warmist paper on AGW, turned the page and there is a full A4 picture of an ice-cream cone melting over the hand holding it. It would be a brave TV network or print agency that displayed a view contrary to the warmists. We all know [don’t we?], that commercial networks don’t present news, but magazine programs. Fair enough. For truth and fair reporting we should then be able to rely on the public broadcasters that our taxes keep in existence. But alas, even the ABC’s Catalyst is sucked into the vortex of alarmism.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Take the latest saturation reportage that 2013/14 was the hottest year on record.[Two or three reportings would be passable, but not 12 successive days…..which arouses my suspicions anyway]. Such stats come from the BoM’s [Bureaux of meteorology], which use temperatures from balloons, floating instruments on the oceans, and from ground stations. An ounce of common sense would urge us to take their stats with a pinch of salt. Take for example, the thermometer at say, Perth Airport: 80 years ago there would be minimal heat radiation nearby caused by mostly single-prop planes. The temperature reading today would come under far greater environmental influence. Then too, it is known that many weather stations have been moved over the years… can readings be consistant? Worse, the BoMs don’t rely on the temperatures taken by satellite, which are far more accurate and reliable. The ABC, at no cost, could have obtained a satellite temp. chart on line. [There’s one available, for example, from Dr. John Christy at the University of Alabama in Huntington which I have seen]. Satellite temps. clearly show that 2013/14 was NOT the hottest year. In fact, they show no appreciable warming for 18 years! We plebs can take this as fact, and we don’t need charts or even thermometers……..why? Because, if like me, you are prone to taking mental notes, you will have noted that the term “Global  Warming” was dropped 10 or 11 years ago, in favour of “Climate Change” by warmists and the media. That’s because the climate proponents realized the earth wasn’t warming and the skeptics were right. Want another clue? The warmists began explaining that the extra heat had been absorbed in the deep oceans. Five weeks ago I took another mental note when a news item reported that NASA had found NO increased warming of the deep oceans, [and NASA is a proponent of alarmist climate predictions].                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The farcical thing about these deceptions is ….why bother? As explained in essay [2]’ all scientists hold that the earth is currently enjoying a 20,000 year warming. It’s just that the skeptical scientists just hold to the evidence of natural cycles and that drastic action, penalties on industry, taxes and so on are not warranted. By all means, explore alternatives to fossil fuels and to “dirty industries’. BUT why then this great push of indoctrination of the masses, and why the condemnation of the solution to their so-called problem by turning to nuclear?


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