climate change


One needs to clear the air at the beginning, [pun unintended]. Do I believe in climate change [CC]? Of course. The earth has been subject to CC throughout its existence. Here’s the rub. What we are force-fed daily regarding CC actually refers to anthropogenic global warming [AGW], meaning a change to earth’s climate [warming], caused by human activity. The activity referred to in the main which is supposedly causing all the trouble is the burning of fossil fuels, coal especially, which releases CO2 into the atmosphere. This joins other gases to become a greenhouse gas, and these gases trap in the sun’s heat and increasingly warm the air, melt the polar ice and consequently raise sea levels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The scientists who are the proponents of this theory [warmists], have continually warned the world that we place all life in danger unless we employ renewable energy providers, such as wind and solar power, and do it soon. Those of an opposing view are skeptical about the dangers of CO2 emissions and are referred to disparagingly as “deniers”. [The skeptics also have a disparaging name for the warmists, being “alarmists”].  Which camp is right? Argumentation has become vociferous and nasty and the battle goes on to win the minds of the populace which, in the main, doesn’t understand the technicalities. This being the case, the warmists use repetition through the media to inculcate its doctrine into the minds of the masses, but especially the warmists need to convince politicians and decision-makers so that fossil fuels are made redundant asap.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     My own view? I would like coal to go, after all it is a finite resource so an alternative must be found. We are an inventive species and will soon find other energy sources that can provide base-load power, both fission and fusion. Wind turbines and solar will not cut it for the long haul. Nuclear power fills the bill provided the waste can be sequestered safely. [Coal mining is a huge part of our economy and great job provider, but world-wide incurs 5000 deaths p.a., which makes it far more lethal than nuclear, while nuclear has a greater potential for malignance]. But I digress. Is CO2 the great danger that the warmists claim? Does it cause global warming? Iwill argue that it doesn’t. But first I must emphasize why this matter is so important, apart from the possible effects to our planet. You see, if the warmists are right then future humanity is in trouble, but if they are wrong we are in imminent trouble. Why?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   First, our children will be schooled to believe in the warmists’ theories, whether they are right or wrong. [How many millions of us have accepted Global Warming already as a fait accompli]? Then there are the repurcussions of mitigating against a warming planet……carbon tax [which forces up all energy prices and hits the poor hardest]; ETS, being emission trading scheme whereby carbon credits are subject to a free trading market, [God help us]! If global warming or climate change are calamitous, the steps proposed to mitigate against their effects may also be disastrous. Closing down coal mines prematurely will also be economic suicide. Next, I will examine climate itself.


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